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Supermarket Design

Strategy | Design | Implementation

Refrigeration, HVAC, and Lighting can be seamlessly integrated into a unified design that has been tailored to achieve your merchandising and operational objectives at the overall lowest cost of ownership.

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Full Service Supermarket Design and Development
We design, develop, and implement supermarkets for foward thinking independent supermarket owners. Our integrated design methodology has been proven to assist our clients in achieving their goals:

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Maximizing Merchandising Opportunities
Improved Operational Efficiencies
Focus on Food Safety
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Maximizing Energy Efficiency
Improved Store Maintenance Conditions

Supermarket Refrigeration Trends

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Cold Technology is pleased to announce the grand opening of its two "newest" two stores on November 9th, 2012- Fresh Grocer New Brunswick and Mc Caffrey's Newtown.


Mc Caffrey's Newtown, a former Genuardis was completely remodeled to fully reflect the "Mc Caffrey's Supermarket Experience" in just six short weeks. 

Fresh Grocer New Brunswick, a mixed use development not only features the 50,000 SF supermarket complete with a beer and wine department, but also includes a 65,000 SF health club with an Olympic sized swimming pool in the basement, and a high rise parking facility to service the adjacent New Brunswick NJ Transit Terminal. Planning for this project began back in 2009.



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Supermarket Energy Management
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Automatic Demand Response
Respond in real time to PJM grid constraints to help improve grid reliability for your community.
Supermarket Energy Management

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What IS Demand Response?
A short YouTube video form IBM helps explain it all!

Supermarket Equipment- Display Cases

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More Facings / Less Energy 
Increase variety while reducing energy costs with the Stratus line of merchandisers from Kysor Warren.

Supermarket Equipment- Display Cases
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Flexible Merchandising
Provide trip assurance to your customers by giving them multiple food service options from one single merchandiser.

Supermarket Refrigeration Control & Monitoring
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Remote System Access
Platform Independant Remote Access to Refrigeration & Building Systems with Cold Tech ON/Site .
Happy High Tech Halloween......
This was done with RGB LED's and programmed with a controller using 1144 channels.

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